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Band Chart Sheet Music Arrangements for Cruise Artistes

Band charts music for cruise ship singers and performers, written to order. Professional sheet music arrangements and parts written by professional Musical Director with a long history of leading cruise ship production shows (the top P&O Cruise Liners and others), West End and touring Musicals, and backing very many top-line name artistes for cabaret and cruise ship appearances.

Whatever song or music arrangement you require, it can be arranged and charted for your backing musician line-up.
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Most cruise ship singers require their own cabaret musical arrangements for individual numbers or medleys, in their own key, and specific endings (not fades!) to capture the audience's applause, even if the song or music version is predominantly like a well-known vocalist's recording.

All band charts scores and individual parts are emailed to wherever you may be worldwide, so whether you are a vocalist or performer cruising out of the UK, out of Florida or the USA, or working on fly / cruises in the Med or anywhere else, you can always get your band charts to print out.

All arrangements are supplied with a separate Score (in Concert Key for ease of reading by the M.D.), Vocal Line Part, Keyboard 1 plus Vocal Line Part, and all individually transposed (as necessary) Instrument Parts.

All arrangements are also supplied with midi and mp3 files as a playback so that you get to know the arrangement before your performance.

Larger cruise ships normally carry a 6 to 8 piece backing orchestra for main cabaret events and production shows, and other bands as a trio or quartet for other events onboard for cruise passengers on the same one-week or two-week cruise. You will need quite a lot of musical arrangements but it's worth it if you wish to have a long career on the cruise ships, as a lot of cruise lines will not take kindly to an artiste repeating lots of musical numbers across the ship with the same audience on board.

The line-up of the larger cruise ship orchestra is usually Keyboards / Bass / Guitar / Drums / Trumpet / Doubling Reed (usually Clarinet/Alto Sax), together with either Trombone and/or extra Woodwind/Reed (i.e. Flute, Tenor Sax).

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Cruise band chart excerpt



Thank you for your time and effort it is nice working with somebody who obviously knows and enjoys his work instead of a lifeless machine.


Thank you for the final pieces from ...title reserved.... I am overwhelmed - wonderful, inspired work.

The Overture is stunning. It will get applause even before the show begins.



Played charts last night, fantastic. There was another girl singer on the gig who wanted your info for possibly more charts. We will pass it along to her. Thanks again for knocking them out so quickly.

Paul and M.