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Terms and Conditions

The website is protected under copyright 2011-2024 and no part of its content may be downloaded, copied or distributed without prior permission being granted directly from is not responsible for any technical fault with the website, but endeavours to maintain its functionality for all visitors.

Placing an order indicates that you agree and accept all our terms and conditions. You must be 18 years of age to place an order and orders will be taken on the understanding that the person placing the order complies with this and all other terms and conditions outlined here.

Purchases of the band chart scores and parts may only be made by initially submitting an orderform and/or e-mail requesting the items required. will then respond either by e-mail (or telephone if permitted) with details of quotes, payment and delivery methods.

All payments will be by PayPal; no onsite facility will be available any form of monetary transaction. Scores and parts will only be sent on receipt of PayPal's notification of payment received, to the exact value of the order as advised by and no transactions will be entered into upon offers of larger amounts of financial deposits. Scores and parts will be sent out upon completion of each musical arrangement and PayPal's notification of payment received, for the exact amount of the order. We endeavour to mail as soon as possible after satisfaction of these factors.

All information and descriptions on, is purely to describe the services for sale as accurately as possible.

No scores and individual parts may be copied or distributed to any third party outside the realm of the intended players of the scores and/or parts. Any public performance of arrangements by artistes or performers for financial return will be subject to normal copyright terms and responsibility for performance copyright will remain with the artiste, performer or owner of the performance venue as applicable.

Protecting your privacy is important to us. As required by the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR 2018 we follow security procedures to protect the disclosure of any client information stored by us. We maintain your privacy by not revealing our client list to any third party. By submitting our enquiry/quotation form you automatically give us permission to contact you at your given email address regarding the enquiry in the form at that time only.

Your statutory rights are unaffected by these terms and conditions, and hopes and endeavours to supply a good service to all customers and hopes you will enjoy the services we offer.



Cruise band music chart example