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Cruise Music Charts and Parts - Information

All music charts for musical arrangements are done to order, but usually any one musical number of average length and complexity will be completed in 2 to 3 days. If there should be any delays possible to starting any arrangement due to any backlog, details will be advised before accepting any order for charts or parts.

When a submission form submitted from this site is received from a cruise artist or performer, an email will be sent explaining full details of fees involved and instructions on the payment process.



At the time of near completion of the first music arrangement for any new client, it will be possible to obtain a sample area of the work, if required, to prove that the arrangement is of a professional standard. Following orders would not generally need this proof, as we are very proud of the fact that all previous clients have been very satisfied with the quality of both the musical arrangement itself and the clarity and precision of the read-out of both score and individual instrument charts and parts.

Multi music arrangement orders may be granted a discount according to the number of band charts required, but payment for each arrangement is dealt with separately at the time. Any discount applicable will not be applied until after the bulk of the arrangements have been completed and paid. Further details on specific multi-orders and fees for any cruise band or cruise orchestra music charts will be advised or discussed by email to the individual client.

Written band music quill



To request a quote for band charts:

If just for a single arrangement
please complete this get quote 2

If for a selection of arrangements
please E-mail cruisebandcharts


Cruise band music chart example